3 Reasons You Need Hand-Tied Hair Extensions


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you ever heard the phrase “high maintenance to be low maintenance”? For us at She Bangin’, we believe there’s a balance between being “boujee” and being “down-to-Earth”. We value our hair extensions, botox, lash extensions, and things of that nature. And we believe that just because you value those things, doesn’t mean you’re not authentic or “real”. Having “high maintenance” things such as hair or lash extensions actually makes us low maintenance in many ways.  

Having your dream hair from extensions makes any day a great hair day. No matter if you are throwing your day-7-hair into a messy bun, your hair still looks “Pinterest worthy”. The added thickness of extensions elevates any hairstyle. A simple braid looks like you just stepped out of a Pinterest hairstyle inspo photo. 

Extensions don’t produce any oil and hold style longer than your natural hair does. Also, extensions shield your natural hair which means you can use less heat and go longer between wash days! Washing your hair once or twice a week is not only beneficial for the health of your natural hair, but also beneficial for your time! 

Going longer between wash days saves you from spending an hour or longer on washing, drying, and styling your hair every other day. Because your extensions hold style longer, you can curl your hair in the beginning of the week and just wake up with styled hair the rest of the week! Being able to wake up and do a quick hair touch up then walk out the door having flawless hair, is a game changer for sure. 

Having all these “high maintenance” things saves us so much time and effort in the long run. Plus they make us feel empowered and beautiful so they are 100% worth it in our eyes. 

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