All Started From a BANG

She Bangin’ Salon just celebrated its grand opening in

Amy Schnee, She Bangin' Hair Salon Owner Fort Collins Colorado Luxury Hair Extensions Clip-In Bang Experience

February of 2023, but its roots go way farther back than that. The founder and leader at She Bangin’, Amy, has been doing hair for over 14 years. She is the definition of a “master stylist”. Amy has been certified in more than ten extension methods and has learned multiple color techniques over the past decade. From doing hair in her basement to opening a six chair salon, Amy has learned the ins and outs of the hair industry.

Other than finding the best methods and techniques for the most natural looking hair extensions and lived-in color, she found a major component in the industry that she wanted to change. The reputation of salons having “stuffy” and “stuck up” energy throughout the team and salon, especially in a “luxury” environment. This is where Amy chose to pave a new

way with her brand and salon, She Bangin’.

You don’t have to sacrifice the authentic energy and genuine connections to have a high quality, luxury salon. Creating a salon where women come to connect with others and themselves while getting their dream hair, has been the most rewarding process. Being able to watch women unite together to bring joy and empowerment through the art of hair, was the mission from the start. 

Building a team of women that share the same values and goals that lift each other up in encouragement and not competition, is how you get a dream team of stylists. When the foundation of the salon, aka the stylists, are a strong for

ce of just overflowing love and light, it changes the energy of the salon as a whole. You can feel this as soon as you step foot in the doors. 

The She Bangin’ Clip-In Bang Experience has been in the works for just as long. Perfecting a product takes years when you put your whole heart into it. Amy wanted to have a product that gave women the chance to have bangs without having to commit to the haircut. Sometimes you just need a change or even want to see what you would look like with bangs. That’s where the Clip-In Bangs come in. Being able to clip bangs in for the evening to elevate your look or for a quick post workout hairstyle in just a matter of minutes is a game changer. The bangs come in multiple colors to fit your hair and can even be custom colored and cut to fit your face shape and your color perfectly!

We are so thankful for everyone who is a part of our community and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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